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Meet Dr. Michael Warnars

A Natural Choice

Becoming a chiropractor was a natural choice for Dr. Warnars, who grew up with a chiropractor father. His family assumed he would grow up to become a chiropractor, and at the age of 16, Dr. Warnars began helping at his dad’s practice—and discovered that he truly loved it. He enjoyed interacting with patients and marveled at the results they got under his father’s care.

Dr. Warnars attended Life University College of Chiropractic, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2016. He then took over Warnars Chiropractic Clinic, and has continued to provide the same family-centered approach to care he learned from his father.

Focusing on Education

Helping patients understand what’s going on with their condition, their health, and their body is important to Dr. Warnars. Many patients have told us that other doctors never explained even the most basic aspects of their situation, and they appreciate that we take the time to help them understand how their body works.

Helping patients understand their own anatomy and physiology, as well as how adjustments, massage and nutrition affect their structures and function, gives them the knowledge and power to begin taking control of their family’s health.

Days Off Are Family Time

When he’s not at work, Dr. Warnars spends his time with his wife and two young children, and the whole family loves going to their cabin at Sage Lake. He pursues various hobbies as time allows, including cooking and baking for friends, and following the careers of athletes from high school through college and beyond. Both of his kids got their first chiropractic adjustment within half an hour of birth.

Get Started With Care

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