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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Warnars Chiropractic Clinic

Trained in Obstetrics

woman sitting on bed holding back and baby bumpMany people don’t realize that a chiropractor’s education includes training in obstetrics, including pregnancy physiology and anatomy, so we understand the changes your body undergoes. Dr. Warnars is Webster-certified and has additional post-graduate prenatal training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

How Does Chiropractic Help During Pregnancy?

Structure determines function, and when you’re pregnant, your structures are changing rapidly. Your hips and pelvis are the foundation for creating space for your baby to grow and develop, and how well the hips move determines the function of the surrounding tissues. The Webster Technique is a safe, gentle chiropractic adjusting method used to keep the pelvis and sacrum properly aligned and balanced, creating more comfort for both you and your baby.

The Three Ps

At Warnars Chiropractic Clinic, we focus prenatal care on the three Ps: power, passenger and pathway. Through precise, gentle chiropractic adjustments, we help optimize your power, which is your muscular strength and your body’s ability to conceive, grow and deliver a baby. These same adjustments benefit your passenger—your baby—by creating the most room for your baby to grow and develop. And finally, by removing subluxations and creating balance in the hips, we create an optimal pathway for delivery.

VIP Treatment

Dr. Warnars encourages women to begin care even before they conceive, to help with fertility and prepare for pregnancy. During the first trimester, we’ll probably see you every few weeks. In the second trimester, we’ll increase that slightly, depending on how you’re doing with the physical demands on your body. And in your third trimester, we will generally see you once a week. But anytime you’re feeling discomfort, let us know—our pregnant patients are VIPs here, and we will get you in whenever you need us.

Prenatal Massage

We also offer prenatal massage, and we have pregnancy pillows to help you lie comfortably on your belly for massages or adjustments. Prenatal massage is beneficial in releasing tight muscles, as well as reducing stress.

Book Today

We’d love to help you have the most comfortable pregnancy possible. Contact us today to schedule.

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